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We are a Computer Services and Repair Business located in Anderson Indiana, in the United States.

Specializing in Computer Repair’s for Residential, Small Office and Home Office clients.

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Malware & Virus Removal

Does your PC have an infection that your anti-virus software can’t remove?

Are you experiencing pop-ups, slowness, and/or programs that are installing themselves without your consent?

M-TEK Networking is now offering Bunny Slipper Support! That is what we are calling our online virus/malware removal and monitoring service. Bunny Slipper Support works silently in the background, monitoring and removing harmful threats from your computer.

Piece of Mind! With Bunny Slipper Support working behind the scenes, you will never have to worry about your PC’s health. The Bunny works ’round the clock … allowing you to do more important things. The Bunny not only removes the virus/malware, but keeps them from coming back. Best of all … this service is available for only $20 per month!

Call M-TEK Networking (765) 622-9232 for more information or to sign up for our online virus removal service!

Some of the services

Some of the services Mtek can provide through remote support include:

Virus and Spyware Removal

Resolve Error Messages

Help with Programs

Speed Up Your Computer

Locate and Install Drivers

DC Jack Repair

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If you have the following problems with your laptop it is most likely to be the DC Jack (Power Socket) • Screen Flickering from Light to Dim Loose DC Jack • Your Laptop Battery will not charge. • Changes from AC Power to Battery Often • Laptop does not turn on (No power)
$100.00 Per Unit. Price of power jack is included in most cases. Call for details.

Screen Replacement

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A laptop screen repair can be required for a variety of reasons, such as:

•The screen has become cracked or badly scratched.
•The screen flickers, has missing pixels, or areas of it are displaying incorrect colours.
•The image on the screen has become dim and difficult to see.
We can undertake all laptop screen repairs, including replacement of CCFL tubes, repair of inverter units as well as complete laptop screen replacement. We only use high quality original manufacturer parts, and all repairs are carried out to exacting standards.
We offer a fast turn-around for all laptop screen repair jobs, at an affordable. Price is $65 Plus Parts. Price of Screen is extra.

Remote Support

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Remote With remote support we can access your computer from anywhere in the world and solve many problems that you may be experiencing with your computer or laptop. The process of setting up the remote connection and is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes in most cases. Once we are connected to your computer, you can watch as we navigate around your system to clean and optimize you pc system, we can also make the changes and updates that you need to you computer.

About M-tek

M-tek was started by Mitch who built up his reputation through hard work and fair pricing. Over the years, I noticed that people needed computer repairs from someone they can trust, and who give them solutions that they can afford. That is exactly what Mtek offer and pride myself on giving honest, clear, and understandable information to my clients.

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M-tek fix my computer by removing malware problems that I was having. I think he done a great job and I will be using Mtek for all my service in the future

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