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business it support Indiana 46012, in United StatesBusiness IT Support:

M-TEK is a company who specializes in providing optimum business IT solutions for Small & Medium size businesses across Central Indiana.
We offer flexible support contracts, guaranteed response times to Support your hardware and software needs. M-TEK works closely with both clients and carefully selected suppliers. We deliver IT ‘packages’ that not only match our clients’ demands but also their budgetary needs.

With our extensive knowledge & experience we will provide your business clear results through cost efficiencies and higher productivity delivering a complete system from start to finish that provides reliability and confidence.

Is it time your business spoke to the professionals at M-TEK to arrange a free of charge and no commitment onsite survey? ACT Now!! and make the right choices for your business!

IT Network Services and Support Consultancy

IT networks are now an integral and important part of the way that businesses operate. Today’s networks are complex and with new technologies regularly being introduced you need to be sure that your network infrastructure is efficient and providing value for money to maximise your business investment. The network is a key component in linking all the required machines together, it is therefore vitally important to have a contingency in place should a component of this network fail.

Whilst the benefits of implementing a computer network within your organisation are quite easy to see, the actual process of doing so does require experienced, professional and trained staff to plan and implement the network to ensure it will achieve its intended benefits.

Network expansion and implementation

M-TEK. can assist with every element of your network implementation. Our experienced technical staff can help design the perfect solution for your business requirements, recommend the most appropriate hardware using our expert industry knowledge, and assign our highly capable engineers to complete the installation for you. M-TEK. will provide a plan so that all single points of failure are accounted for, reducing downtime and headaches that will come with networks.

Network Security

Networks in today’s fast-paced business world need unified, multifaceted protection from malicious threats, backed by strong performance and complete reliability. Within that framework, there are many decisions to be made. Let us help you quickly find the information you need to identify the best network security solution for your company. That “small to medium enterprise” category covers a lot of ground. Whether your business falls on the small side or is a rapidly expanding organization with high volume and multiple branch offices, M-TEK. provides smart choices for your network security needs.

Network Support Services
  • Network and PC maintenance
  • Remote Working
  • Internet and Data Security services
  • Managed network services
  • Network security
  • Network health checks
  • Bespoke network projects